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    Typically Twente

    Country estates in Twente that recount the history of textiles

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    How awesome and amazing! A castle full of stories, on a stunning estate. Take a tour and discover the secrets of the different country estates. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the varying estate landscapes with a delicious picnic.

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    Huize Almelo

    Almelo House is located in the built-up area of Almelo and is a prominent landmark. Thanks in part to the open entrance it is easily inhabitable. The castle, the adjacent homes and the orangery are inhabited. For this reason, the surrounding park is not open to the public, except during special events.

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    Landgoed Warmelo

    Warmelo Estate is situated in Diepenheim, in the municipality of Hof van Twente. The Warmelo dates back to 1339. The house was purchased by prince Bernhard in 1952. His mother, princess Armgard, lived in the house until she passed away in 1971. In 1976, the estate was sold to the Avenarius family. This family uses the estate and lives in the house.

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    Zonnebeek is the name of a manor house and its country estate. It is situated to the north of the Buurserzand, with views across the Usselerveld heathlands.

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    Landgoed Weldam

    Weldam, situated in the stunning forested surroundings of South-West Twente within the municipality of Hof van Twente, is one of the larger estates in the east of the Netherlands. The ancient country estate, with castle and gardens in the centre, consists of forests, arable land, pastures, streams, characteristic lanes, monumental houses and farms.

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    Landgoed Singraven

    The Singraven estate is beautifully situated along the Dinkel and close to the village of Denekamp. The estate boasts many extraordinary monumental buildings, including the stately Huis Singraven and the centuries-old watermill with its three wheels.

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    Landgoed Schuilenberg

    The Schuilenburg estate, situated in the lovely Reggedal, formed the backdrop for battles and victories for years. Nowadays, the estate is the ultimate location for various activities, (themed) parties or for a tasty bite to eat and a drink.

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    Stichting Twickel

    Twickel castle, just outside Delden, is surrounded by a beautiful 10,000-acre estate. The estate with its stunning castle gardens is definitely worth a visit!


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