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Anyone who has ever been to the east of Overijssel has experienced it: Twente is home to a special breed of people. Not that the people of Twente care at all about this characterization: they are proud of it. Opinionated, proud and sometimes a bit contrary. Down-to-earth people with a dry sense of humor. A bit stiff but always hospitable. That's what we mean: pretty special, right? If you are going to Twente, you had better be prepared, so read on.

Twente, Tukkers and Tradition

Welcome to Twente. The most beautiful region of the Netherlands, we think. But above all the most beautiful people in the Netherlands. Proud of who we are. Of our noaberschap. Our togetherness. Our entrepreneurship. Our honesty. And on our Oale Groond. Here you feel a little freer because we live, think, work and enjoy in the Twents way. However, more honest, with fewer rules and unnecessary stress and fuss. And especially with lots of love and attention for each other. We love it. Want to experience it? Be welcome! For a while, or just for a very long time. Because nothing must in Twente, except nothing must.


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