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You wouldn't think it, but did you know that Boekelo produced a very famous yodeler? Yes, Olga Lowina herself was born and raised here. However, this village near Enschede does not have high mountains, but rather deep caverns. And a cozy village center. Did you know that Boekelo -known as Bokel in 1450- means beech forest? Beech forest? Today they know it as a tasty herbal liqueur.

Off to Boekelo


Because deep in the soil of Boekelo is white gold: salt. They used to know what to do with it. They extracted the salt from the ground for industrial purposes and built a spa in the form of a wave pool with salt water. It was called a sea on the heath. You immediately understand where the expression "taking salt with a grain of salt" originated. Unfortunately, nothing is left of this "sea", on the spot is now a hotel: Bad Boekelo. With wellness and swimming pool, of course.

Neighborhood Railway Museum

Is there nothing else to do in Boekelo and the surrounding area? Sure there is. Grab your bike or put on your walking shoes and immerse yourself in the Twente countryside. Highlights along the route include windmills, sand drifts, forest, heath and historic estates, such as the Hof te Boekelo. Are you a little faint-hearted? Then take the 38-kilometer-long salt bike route, and you'll learn all about the salt industry. Chances are that while cycling or walking you will cross paths with the historic railroad track of the Museum Buurtspoorweg. This is where old steam locomotives regularly puff back and forth between Boekelo and Haaksbergen, stopping at the Salt Industry stop, among other places.


Besides the salt and Olga, Boekelo is known for its horses. The Military is an annual event in October where noble quadrupeds have to jump over fences, logs and ditches. If you don't like that at all, you can always yodel loudly. Olga will be smiling from heaven.


Say Twente. Say Grolsch. The beer from the universally famous swing-top bottle has been brewed here for over 400 years. Did you know you can take a fun tour of the brewery?

Cycling and hiking in Boekelo

You don't know what you are experiencing. On dirt roads, paved trails, in forests, along Resort Bad Boekelo. Once you're out and about, you'll never want anything else. Walk or bike through Boekelo and discover everything about this village!