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Diese drei Dörfer - Borne, Hertme und Zenderen - liegen in einer großartigen Umgebung: dem Groene Poort, einem Naturschutzgebiet mit Wäldern, Bächen und Landgütern. In dieser Oase des Grüns und der Ruhe gibt es viel zu erleben. Aber man muss Radfahren, Mountainbiken, Wandern und Rudern mögen.

Small-scale Borne

Little Borne

If you want to book a little hotel, you have to be in Borne. Because if anything stands out in this green municipality in the heart of Twente, it's that everything is small. Three small villages, a small campsite and therefore also a small hotel, the only thing Borne has. Hotel or campsite full? Then book a bed and breakfast, cabin or cottage. Borne may be small, but the hospitality is enormous. Leave that to the locals.

Green Gate

These three villages - Borne, Hertme and Zenderen - lie in a grand environment: the Groene Poort, a nature reserve with forests, streams and country estates. There is plenty to do in this oasis of greenery and tranquility. But you have to love cycling, mountain biking, hiking and rowing. The network of cycling and hiking trails is quite extensive, so you'll be on the road for a while. Big advantage: you will work off the extra calories you have gained during the culinary splurges in one of Borne's many hospitable eateries or restaurants.

Shop & Scream

Can't see green anymore? Need a little more liveliness? The indoor play paradise is close by. The kids will thank you but do bring earplugs. Or escape to the old center of Borne, you'll see beautiful facades too. Irrepressible urge to buy something? Shopaholics steam through to the shopping center of Borne or catch bus 50 to Hengelo. Within fifteen minutes you are then in the heart of the city.

Cycling and hiking in Borne

Are you in a knot with yourself...aren't you? Well, soon you will be! Because the Twente Cycling Network is a chain of nodes. In Wierden and its surroundings there are many of them, absolutely worthwhile to cycle through the landscape here. We understand that cycling all the nodes is a bit much, but fortunately you can put together your own route. Be creative and enjoy the unique Twente countryside!