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We have to make a little detour for it. With pinched eyes and a little imagination, the banks of the Dinkel in De Lutte resemble the natural spectacle in the USA. Only instead of red rock formations, the Dinkel "canyons" consist of fine yellow sand and through them flows not a raging whitewater river, but a babbling brook. So the Netherlands has its own Madurodam-sized version! A wonderful environment for a hike.

De Lutte

The Hellhound

In the middle of De Lutte, on the village square between church and pub, The Hellhound or Kardoes stands proudly on its pedestal. This dog is connected to a saga. He is known to the people of De Lutte as a ghostly animal, made a sound like a wolf and was invariably accompanied by an owl? If one heard the sound of the Hellhound near the Lutter cemetery, one knew it... You don't have to make a detour for it, perhaps for the restaurants, cafes and cozy terraces in the center of De Lutte, a meeting point for walkers and cyclists!

Cycling and hiking in de Lutte

Are you in a knot with yourself...aren't you? Well, soon you will be! Because the Twente Bicycle Network is a chain of nodes. If you connect them together (we don't say "knot them together," that would be really lame) you'll have no less than 2,500 km of cycling opportunities ahead of you, 500 km of which crosses the German border.