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No need to bring your yoga mat to Den Ham. A visit to De Brink in this village halfway between Zwolle and Almelo is enough to get completely relaxed, according to locals. A benevolent tranquility emanates from this central square in the middle of Den Ham.

Den Ham

Puff out

Grab a bench or terrace on the leafy square and let Den Ham take effect on you. Look through your eyelashes and experience going back in time to the fifteenth century. You will see workmen building the Hammertoren with monastic bricks, you will hear the merchants at the market, the cheerful sounds of the fair, and smell the scent of coffee from the inns around De Brink. You taste the history in this place. Totally zen.

Three regions

And as if that's not zen enough: Den Ham is also at a central point from which you can explore the most beautiful landscapes in Twente, Salland and the Vecht valley. Whichever way you cycle or walk, you will fall head over heels in natural beauty. Rivers in cultural landscape Vecht and Regge, forest, heath, water and sand in nature reserve Eerder Achterbroek. There is no escaping it.


By the way, the Brinkdorp is not always a beacon of peace. The square is the place where all sorts of things are going on and much is organized throughout the year. Fairs, (flea) markets and various cultural events such as the Historical Pageant and the Hammer Brinkdagen. Then you can forget about your zen moment, but you get something beautiful in return. And if all that spectacle becomes too much for you, you can lay your head to rest somewhere in the beautiful surroundings of Den Ham.

Cycling and hiking in Den Ham

Are you in a knot with yourself...aren't you? Well, soon you will be! Because the Twente Bicycle Network is a chain of nodes. If you connect them together (we don't say "knot them together," that would be really lame) you'll have no less than 2,500 km of cycling opportunities ahead of you, 500 km of which crosses the German border.