Diepenheim is also affectionately known as het stedeke (a Dutch colloquial form of “the little city”). The stately homes Huis te Diepenheim, Nijenhuis, Westerflier and Warmelo, including their adjoining estates, hold an important position in Diepenheim’s history. They are inhabited, but the adjoining estates are freely accessible. And most certainly worth a visit!

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The Zes Kastelen Fietsroute (Six Castles Cycling Route) includes these estates, as well as those of the Weldam and Wegdam estates, located just outside of Diepenheim. The route can be purchased at the Tourist Office (VVV) and in the webshop.

Art and Culture

In addition to its stately homes, art is incredibly important for het stedeke. There is an internationally-renowned contemporary drawing centre, called the Drawing Centre. The many galleries, the Art Association and its workshop and the Diepenheim garden all play their part as well! Tip: ask the Tourist Office (VVV) about a guided art walk. Other attractions are the gristmill Den Haller and the Nieuwe Haghuis Oranjemuseum (referring to the Dutch royal house, the House of Orange).

On the first Sunday of the month, visit Heerlijcke Markt in the centre of Diepenheim. The stalls offer a wide-ranging assortment of creative, hand-made and sustainable products. The shops and galleries will also be open. In October, Diepenheim is all about Kunstmoment (art moment): an impressive, high-end and incredibly varied mixture of artistic expressions in and around Diepenheim, featuring a peripheral programme with music, theatre and workshops.

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