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With its 160,000 inhabitants, Enschede is the urban heart of the eastern Netherlands. And one of the greenest cities in our country. Supplement your wardrobe in one of the many hip boutiques in Enschede or visit one of the city parks. The epicentre of music and art. A city with large and internationally renowned educational institutions – a university of applied science and an academic university plus an academy of music – and, lest we forget, an amazing football club.


Close to the German border lies Enschede, the largest city in Twente. The city is the epicentre of music and culture in the east of the Netherlands. Poppodium Atak, the ArtEZ academy of music, Orkest van het Oosten (Netherlands Symphony Orchestra), the Kaliber arts school, the Nederlandse Reisopera (Dutch Touring Opera), the Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede (together) provide a distinctive and innovative musical offering.


But Enschede has a lot more to offer. The Roombeek neighbourhood, for example, has arisen like a phoenix from the ashes after the fireworks disaster that took place in 2000, and has become the epitome of architectural and high-quality urban design. Here, a broad range of galleries and museums - such as the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, TwentseWelle museum and TETEM art space - can be found. Art academy ArtEZ is also based here.


Shopping enthusiasts can rest assured that their needs will be met in the city centre. In addition to international chains, such as Primark, Zara, Flying Tiger and Sissy-Boy, you can find many contemporary and distinctive shops here. Every Saturday, one of the largest local markets of the Netherlands takes place on the H.J. van Heekplein square, also attracting many German visitors. For a delicious lunch, you can also head to Oude Markt (the Old Market), one of the most lively squares of the Netherlands offering plenty of outdoor seating. The city has every right to call itself the number-one shopping city of the region. Prefer to go into nature? Cycle Rondje Enschede and explore the beautiful Twente countryside.


City of today

Music? Check. Culture? Check. Architecture? Check. Museums? Check? Parks? Check. Stores? Double check. It's almost getting boring, that's how long the list of what to do and see in this city is. And they also have the coolest studies and of course the Grolsch brewery where you can also taste all the beers extensively. Above all, don't forget to go to Roombeek. The neighborhood has been completely rebuilt and is now the cultural hotspot of Enschede. Besides cool architecture, you will find museums, galleries and the art academy here.


Textile barons used to call the shots here. This branch of industry is long defunct, but the legacies of that era are still there. Besides industrial heritage, Enschede has parks. Many parks. In fact, thanks to those textile bosses, Enschede is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands. So if you're tired of the city, your moment of relaxation is close at hand. And otherwise grab your bike and do a Rondje Enschede. Those 52 kilometers of biking and hiking trails are a breeze for you, right? And ahead, another tip: [the cross-border textile route](/routes-Twente/cycling-in-twente/626/Bicycle route-Enschede-Gronau/ """).


Now don't linger in the park or around Enschede, because there's more to do. You don't want to miss those dozens of boutiques, do you? Go shopping at the Zara or Primark? Strolling around the largest goods market in the Netherlands?

Old Market

After this explosion of impressions, plop down with your shopping bags in a café or on a terrace on the Oude Markt. Only then are you really in the epicenter.

Cycling and hiking in Enschede

Once you hit the road, you'll never want to do anything else. Fortunately, we have 6000 km of unique walking routes and 2500 km of cycling routes waiting for you; that will keep you busy for a while. Whether you take a short route or a multi-day route, you will always be captivated by Twente's landscape. Walk, bike, mountain bike or ride through the scenic countryside and beautiful nature. Meet people and experience the coziness of Twente. Good goan!