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Don't speed on the A1, because before you know it you'll miss exit 28 to Enter. And you'll never find out that a hundred clog makers used to work here. One hundred! All zzp'ers avant la lettre. The wooden shoes were traded throughout the Netherlands and even beyond.

On your clogs in Enter


Now you have the A1 and the railroad, but how did those Entern people manage a few hundred years ago? That has everything to do with its location on the Regge. Now a babbling river where tourists and locals enjoy themselves, it used to be a 'highway' for trade.

Clogs & Wooden Shoes

They were smart, those folks in Enter, because they also built ships there so they could transport the wooden shoes and other trade themselves. The flatboats were called zompen. Why? No idea. You'll have to find out for yourself at the Clogs and Sums Museum in Enter.


While you're in this lovely village in the heart of Twente, stick around for a while, there's more to do, especially in the summer. Marvel at how a wooden shoe is made from a piece of wood, or take a trip from the Enterse Waarf on a real barge. Probably wasn't on your bucket list yet. Want to bet that you will leave Enter in clogs?

Cycling and hiking in Enter

Once you hit the road, you'll never want to do anything else. Fortunately, we have 6000 km of unique walking routes and 2500 km of cycling routes waiting for you; that will keep you busy for a while. Whether you take a short route or a multi-day route, you will always be captivated by Twente's landscape. Walk, bike, mountain bike or ride through the scenic countryside and beautiful nature. Meet people and experience the coziness of Twente. Good goan!