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The Green East Haaksbergen

Green East

You've probably seen it in the rest of Twente: the surroundings are wonderfully beautiful. It almost becomes monotonous, but the same is true in Haaksbergen. Country estates, sand drifts, moors, rare plants and animals: the green nature around Haaksbergen simply begs to be discovered. Resting is not an option, those cycling and hiking trails are there for a reason. You pass small hamlets and historic locations such as De Bommelas, an ancient farm on the Buurserzand. Just watch out, before you know it you'll be biking across the border. Rest assured: the Achterhoekers and Germans don't do border checks.

What to do

Is there anything else to do or experience in Haaksbergen other than strolling through that endless greenery? As I said, Haaksbergen is very Twente. And the people of Haaksbergen love to party. Chances are you'll fall head over heels in one of the festive events in Haaksbergen and its surroundings. Unmeunig gezellig, but educational is different. For that you go to estate Lankheet. Here you will find an ecological and sustainable water and experience park with a watermill, windmill, steam trains and a flatboat.


Very understandable that after that dose of nature, culture and adventure, you're ready for a little distraction in the form of a drink or a bite to eat. Good thing you don't have to look for that in Haaksbergen.

Cycling and hiking in Haaksbergen

Once you hit the road, you'll never want to do anything else. Fortunately, we have 6000 km of unique walking routes and 2500 km of cycling routes waiting for you; that will keep you busy for a while. Whether you take a short route or a multi-day route, you will always be captivated by Twente's landscape. Walk, bike, mountain bike or ride through the scenic countryside and beautiful nature. Meet people and experience the coziness of Twente. Good goan!