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You wouldn't immediately expect it, but at the foot of the Sallandse Heuvelrug lies the gourmet paradise of Twente. Hellendoorn is unknowingly world famous. After all, this is where they make one of the most popular ice creams: the rocket. And what about those dangerous jars of Ben& Jerry's? Right. Also made in Hellendoorn.

Paradise in Hellendoorn

The best routes in Hellendoorn

Are you in a knot with yourself...aren't you? Well, soon you will be! Because the Twente Cycling Network is a chain of nodes. In Hellendoorn and its surroundings there are many of them, absolutely worthwhile to cycle through the countryside here. We understand that cycling all the nodes is a bit much, but fortunately you can create your own route. Be creative and enjoy the unique Twente countryside!