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The Losser municipality is located in a gorgeous, nature-rich environment, consisting of woodland, sand drifts and heaths. Also visit one of the five church villages, Losser, De Lutte, Beuningen, Overdinkel or Glane.

Nature and history

Arboretum Poortbulten, bird paradise De Oelemars, nature reserve Lutterzand and the push moraine areas including the Tankenberg, are real outdoor attractions. Throughout the area, well-signposted walking and cycling paths provide plenty of options for the more active holiday maker. The Losser municipality also has a modern swimming pool and a multifunctional sports complex, with, in addition to football fields, an athletics track and a skating rink. In and around the village centres, many cultural-historical heritage sites have been preserved well. These include stone factory De Werklust, De Staringgroeve and the historical Erve Kraesgenberg. With the open-air theatre Brilmansdennen, galleries and art routes, culture lovers won't be left out either.


On top of that, the five villages regularly organise musical, sporting and delightfully festive events in all shapes and sizes, to which both locals and visitors from outside these municipalities are welcomed with open arms. There are more than enough beautiful accommodations around to make guests’ stay as pleasant as possible. Nature and typical Twente hospitality are the key words for an amazing holiday or simply a fun day out in the Losser municipality, also affectionately known as the “Treasure Chamber of Twente”. You can recognise the treasures in the Losser municipality by the orange-and-white key logo that advertises them.

Nose of the salmon Losser


Now don't think you will find gold nuggets and sacks full of coins here. The riches of Losser are of an entirely different order: forest, sand and heath to be precise. With names like Oelemars, Poortbulten, Lutterzand and Tankenberg, you're more likely to think of Harry Potter than Twente nature reserves. Yet it is just as adventurous here, especially if you dare to get off the marked hiking and biking trails a bit. Then you will discover bird paradises, ancient moraines and tranquil sand drifts.

Church villages

The municipality of Losser has no fewer than five church villages - De Lutte, Beuningen, Overdinkel, Glane and Losser - where there is plenty to do and see. As if J.K. Rowling herself thought up the names of the cultural and historical highlights: the millions of years old rocks in the Staringgroeve, the seventeenth-century farmyard Erve Kraesgenberg, the open-air theater Brilmansdennen and the monumental brick factory De Werklust. Just to name a few.

Plenty to do

Nice, all those old churches and historic locations, but they haven't completely stopped in the municipality of Losser. Indeed: the twenty-first century has penetrated here as well. A modern swimming pool, all kinds of sports facilities and all kinds of musical, cultural, sporting and festive events throughout the year: boredom really is impossible in the Treasure House of Twente.

The best routes in Losser

Once you hit the road, you'll never want to do anything else. Fortunately, we have 6000 km of unique walking routes and 2500 km of cycling routes waiting for you; that will keep you busy for a while. Whether you take a short route or a multi-day route, you will always be captivated by Twente's landscape. Walk, bike, mountain bike or ride through the scenic countryside and beautiful nature. Meet people and experience the coziness of Twente. Good goan!