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There is so much to do in Nijverdal that we suspect Herman van Veen found the inspiration for his hit song Opzij here. 'We have to run, jump, fly, dive, fall, get up and carry on again'. Active people get a 'boost' here. But if you prefer to come to yourself in peace: within walking distance is the Sallandse Heuvelrug!

On to Nijverdal


Clearly, boredom is not in the Nijverdal dictionary. Shopping, going out, skating, climbing, running, playing, exploring, bowling, swimming, gaming, hiking, biking, eating, karting... the list of activities seems inexhaustible. It's not so surprising: Nijverdal is a contraction of Nijver(heid) and (Regge)dal. They were and are simply very industrious in this place at the foot of the Salland Ridge. So industrious, in fact, that they used to search for gold. Nothing found, by the way, so save yourself the trouble. Better save your energy for above-ground pursuits.


Shoppers strike out at the city's many stores. In summer there are lively markets and during shopping Sundays (they don't know the term "rest day" in Nijverdal) there are also bric-a-brac markets. Active people go bowling, laser gaming, indoor climbing or karting on one of the longest karting tracks in Europe. No, a quiet game of checkers is out of the question.

Outdoor center

Those looking for peace and quiet should be just outside Nijverdal. Here you will find the Buitencentrum Sallandse Heuvelrug, the gateway to the national park. Take a few deep breaths and walk into the oasis of silence and greenery. There are several routes where you can completely come to yourself. The only slobs you'll encounter here are nesting birds, rustling lizards or grazing deer. And they really do move aside for you.

The most beautiful routes in Nijverdal

Are you in a knot with yourself...aren't you? Well, soon you will be! Because the Twente Cycling Network is a chain of nodes. In Hengelo and its surroundings there are many of them, absolutely worthwhile to cycle through the countryside here. We understand that cycling all the nodes is a bit much, but fortunately you can create your own route. Be creative and enjoy the unique Twente countryside!