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A special breed of people: Tukkers

Anyone who has ever been to the east of Overijssel has experienced it: Twente is home to a special breed of people. Not that the people of Twente care at all about this characterization: they are proud of it. Opinionated, proud and sometimes a bit contrary. Down-to-earth people with a dry sense of humor. A bit stiff but always hospitable. That's what we mean: quite special, isn't it?

Just act normal

Just act normal, you'll be crazy enough. It is the motto of the Tukker. A real Tukker probably sticks to 'Do normoal', because he is not a man of many words. And when the Tukker says something, he does it in his own dialect: Twents. Before you leave for Twente, you should try to jam in a few words in Low Saxon. After all, the Tukkers are unmeunig proud of their language and culture.

Nice and traditional

Another thing the people of Twente are proud of: their traditions. And they let non-Tukk people enjoy them too. That's how hospitable they are. That's why there are so many traffic jams in Twente around Easter. Because the people of Twente may be so down-to-earth, but they still believe in evil spirits. Well, in any case they love to light fires. Just like all those people in traffic jams. To drive away the 'evil spirits', large lumps of waste wood are collected and set on fire around Easter. The fact that around this huge 'hearth fire' it is also a cozy village event where people from outside are welcome to attend is nice.

Through the stomach

Even before it was hip&happening to eat 'as locals do', Tukkers loved their own regional dishes. Not surprisingly, you can't turn your ass around or you'll run into a farm in Twente. And there they produce all kinds of goodies. The farmers are proud of their cheese, fruit and wine. Nothing human is foreign to the people of Twente, so for them, too, love goes through the stomach. So be sure to order a sandwich with a Twente twist or do your shopping at one of the farmers' markets. Then it will be good for you.