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When you say Wierden, you say Wiezo. How so? Well, Wiezo stands for Wierden Summer Festivals. And that's a household word throughout Twente. Every year it's party time in July, with music, market, art and street theater. Then it is restless for a while between the moraines of the Sallandse Heuvelrug and Twente.

Wiezo Wierden

What to do

Is there nothing to do in Wierden in the eleven other months? Sure there is. Just look at the surroundings and you'll get the itch. We are talking about Twente, aren't we? The most beautiful hiking, cycling and mountain biking routes are waiting for you in the municipality. Among other things, these take you to the Wierdense Veld. In this nature reserve with raised bog and heath live rare birds. You can even find three species of snakes. Snakes! Rest assured: those creatures are more afraid of you than you are of them. And if you hear mewling, it is not for your ears: there are hundreds of heath sheep roaming the Wierdense Veld. Trees are hard to find here, for that you have to go a little further west, to the woods of the Sallandse Heuvelrug.

What else?

The municipality of Wierden includes six other villages, including Enter. A small village but coincidentally with the largest wooden shoe in the world listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It will therefore not surprise you that this is the wooden shoe village of Twente. More than a hundred clog makers used to be active here. They moved their merchandise across De Regge, the small river just outside Enter. You won't find a wooden shoe there now, but you can still enjoy cycling or boating.

Cycling and hiking in Wierden

Are you in a knot with yourself...aren't you? Well, soon you will be! Because the Twente Cycling Network is a chain of nodes. In Hengelo and its surroundings there are many of them, absolutely worthwhile to cycle through the countryside here. We understand that cycling all the nodes is a bit much, but fortunately you can create your own route. Be creative and enjoy the unique Twente countryside!