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Twente: Estate of the Netherlands. Where relaxing is still possible. Endlessly gazing over the rolling landscape and tasting the delicious regional products. Lovers of a rural atmosphere are absolutely in their element in Twente. The unspoiled nature with its forests and meadows surrounded by hedgerows is perfect for hiking and cycling. And those who want to view the region from the water can do so by renting a canoe or electric boat.

With Nationaal Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug and Nationaal Landschap Noordoost-Twente in your portfolio, Twente definitely belongs in the bucket-list of nature lovers. The beautiful forests, purple moors, vast estates, centuries-old farms; nature in Twente is enormously versatile and there is much to discover. You can do this in the traditional ways, by bike or on foot but nowadays there are 1001 other ways to traverse Twente. How about a Solex ride or a Beetle rally through Twente's nature? With a route network that is among the top in the Netherlands. We have only one piece of advice: discover, get lost, enjoy. And don't be afraid to lose track of time. Because in Twente we have plenty of time.