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Bed & Breakfasts at Buurse lakes and canals

Where can you find the nicest and most charming bed & breakfasts? Twente might be number one in the Netherlands in terms of its beautiful nature and wide range of cosy and luxurious bed & breakfasts. What’s more relaxing that staying in a beautiful environment, while your lodging and breakfast are entirely taken care of for you. And, of course you also have the freedom to structure your day with relaxation or activities according to your preference. Discover what Twente’s hospitality entails and book a short or long stay in one of Twente’s fun B&Bs. Romantically, as a couple, a family outing, a reunion, or a business meeting? A suitable bed & breakfast can be found for every type of stay, allowing you to enjoy absolute privacy, comfort and the singing of the birds.

A well-spread bed


Now, Tukkers are generally pretty humble people. No-nonsense, down-to-earth, a bit stiff, that work. But not when it comes to their bed and breakfasts. Then that other trait comes out: pride. In their own words, their B&Bs are the most beautiful in the Netherlands. So. That sits. And not only because the accommodations themselves are so special or luxurious, but also because of Twente itself. After all, Twente, the people of Twente say, is the most beautiful part of the Netherlands. Who wouldn't want to wake up to birds singing, trees rustling and waters rushing? Sliding open the curtains and being dazzled by the green beauty of nature? Be spoiled with an authentic Twente breakfast? Admittedly: that sounds heavenly. But little remains of the image of the modest, down-to-earth Tukker. And we haven't even mentioned the boundless hospitality of the people of Twente. It's in the national character of the Tukkers, they receive you with open arms and piles of currant toast. Be prepared, because the B&Bs in Twente are experts in cordiality. Fortunately, they also know what privacy is, because you're not waiting for a cozy Tukker all the time during a romantic weekend with your loved one.

The nicest B&Bs in the Netherlands

The nicest B&B's in the Netherlands can be found in Tukkerland. The combination of Twente's hospitality, the nature, but also the cozy villages ensure that you feel completely at home in Twente. Are you more of the lively cities? Then look for a B&B in Enschede, Hengelo, Almelo or Oldenzaal. Are you a nature lover and like to hike? Then look for a bed & breakfast in Twente near a junction or a beautiful nature reserve.

Nature lovers get their fill at Natuurcamping Eelerberg. The campsite is located at the edge of the forest on the northernmost tip of National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug. You will find almost no traffic here, making you find yourself in an oasis of tranquility. Book one of the accommodations and discover it for yourself.

B&B Heide Hoeve
B&B Heide Hoeve

Another nice B&B in the Netherlands is B&B Heide Hoeve. Heide Hoeve is located on a moorland called Wierdense Veld, an excavated peat bog of about 400 hectares. Here you will find unique vacation accommodation in the form of an authentic haystack, where you can taste atmosphere of former farm life. Keep a close eye on the surroundings, because you might even see a shepherd passing by with his flock.

Looking for a B&B in Twente?

Twente has a lot to offer. That's why booking a B&B in Twente is a good idea. We like to help you a little in this search. A bed and breakfast in Twente where you will be welcomed with open arms is called B&B Hamshorst. This Twente bed and breakfast was voted Bed & Breakfast of the Year in 2012! It is the ideal place to unwind, but at the same time the perfect base for an adventurous vacation with all kinds of excursions.

B&B in Enschede

Enschede has everything: culture, architecture, museums, parks and nice stores. In addition, in Enschede you will find the Grolsch brewery where you can also taste all the beers extensively. So if you are looking for a vacation full of liveliness, Enschede is the ideal place. And fortunately, you can find many bed and breakfasts in this city of Twente.