B & B Huis van Bewaring

Experience a night at her Majesties Pleasure – Dutch Style! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night in the slammer? Well Hotel Huis van Bewaring in Almelo offers you the chance to do just that – without the criminal record or the jailhouse food!

This fun and adventurous alternative to the hum drum, run–of–the-mill Hotel offers everything from a cosy, romantic retreat to stylish modern design rooms. With every room being unique you can choose to allow yourself to be surprised by our wide range of accommodation. It is certainly true to say, that here in Hotel Huis van Bewaring you will be residing in an exclusive ambiance you would not find anywhere else.

Hotel Huis van Bewaring is within easy walking distance of both the local train station and the ambient center of Almelo


Marktstraat 7
7607HC Almelo
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