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Looking for a special accommodation in Twente?

Special overnight stay in Twente

Take a nice break? Just taking some wonderful time for each other. Enjoy each other and the surroundings. And where better to do that than there where time enjoys itself with you? Twente: break out of your daily patterns and experience a different life. Bet you'd actually rather have stayed a little longer? Of course you can stay in a thirteen-in-a-dozen hotel rooms in Twente. There are plenty of those. Nothing wrong with that. But why should you, when for the same money you can choose to spend a special night in Twente?

Sleep under the stars

Plenty of room in Twente. Get pampered to the bone in a luxury country hotel or go for nice and basic in an old farmhouse. Whatever you want. We have everything, even nice hotel rooms. But why a hotel if you can have something special? In {City name} there are lots of unique accommodations to book. Sleep under the stars in a star cube; counting stars until you fall asleep.

You can't think of anything else; from staying in a haystack to a safari tent, or a cozy cottage {characteristic} in the middle of the forest with nothing and no one around you. Always wanted to count real sheep before bedtime? Then spend the night in an old sheepfold where sheep used to be kept. In Twente time seems to pass more slowly, here people do not worry. Experience it yourself and come and stay at one of these special places in {Place name}. With a group or together with your loved one, there is always a suitable location.

A special night to remember

When your overnight spot is special, chances are you will never forget it. In Twente you will make memories for life in the most beautiful places. Tell this to your friends and family: don't you wish them such a beautiful memory as well?

At Fox Lodges you will stay in luxurious, spacious accommodation in a unique setting. You can enjoy all the beauty of the region with a Fox Lodge as your temporary home. The vacation lodges were designed by an exclusive architect: so it is likely that you have never seen this kind of sleeping accommodation before. There are lodges suitable for six people and 12. For both, only sustainable and recyclable products were used in their construction. Moreover, everything you encounter in the lodges comes from Twente! Because of the small scale of the park, you get all the attention you want as a guest.

Het Rusttheater was set up with the idea of creating a place where togetherness is the basis for a better life in balance. It is an inspiring place for meeting, development, vitality, health and creation. And that too in beautiful Twente! On the grounds there are many different accommodations to rent. Stay for example in a yurt, a loft or an airstream. All accommodations have a stylish interior and are fully equipped.

Romantic nights in Twente

Is it time again to get away together with your loved one for a while? Twente is the place to be when it comes to romantic overnight stays. You can enjoy a wonderful time here with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

De Heide Hoeve
De Heide Hoeve

De Heide Hoeve is originally a dairy farm, but today the grounds have expanded to include bed and breakfast, group accommodations and more. The special accommodation is in the so-called Reggehooiberg. In the past, this luxurious vacation home served as storage for straw, hay and corn. Nowadays you can spend a wonderful vacation here, because the accommodation is luxuriously furnished and offers sleeping space for up to five people. Want to make it as romantic as possible? Then book the hot tub as well. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy!

Erfgoed Bossem
Erfgoed Bossem

Erfgoed Bossem is one of those places you will never forget. There is all kinds of things to do on the grounds, but the unique selling points of the park are undoubtedly the special overnight accommodations. You can stay in the Saxon farmhouse in a rustic or luxury room. The special ´lodging at the farmer's house´ fits in perfectly with the comfort and care at hotel level. Are you a nature lover? Then one of the attractively furnished lodge tents is a good choice for you. Here you are very close to the cows and a meandering stream full of flora and fauna. Moreover, you have your own wooden bathtub, mega romantic! But surely the most romantic overnight spot at Erfgoed Bossem are the star cubicles. It's cozy, small and you can chat all night overlooking Twente's beautiful starry sky.

Spend the night in an original way

At In the Hill Ridge you can spend the night in an original way. It is located on the border of Salland and Twente at the foot of the Sallandse Heuvelrug. As the name of the park actually says, the accommodations are literally located in the ridge. You can choose from four different vacation rentals, which can accommodate up to six people. It doesn't get any closer to Twente nature!