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Twente (t)cottages

Some book a vacation home. The other a lodge. The difference? There isn't. A lodge is nothing more than a fancy description for a vacation home. Anyone can call their log cabin a lodge. Whether you rent a vacation home or a lodge, if it is in Twente, it is always good. Ok, granted: a lodge does often have more of a rural feel than a vacation home at a recreation park. A little more time and money is spent on the design and furnishing. Costs a few cents, but then you do have a lodge. The Tukker really don't look at you if you book a 'normal' cottage. Suits their no-nonsense mentality perfectly. Renting such a vacation home for a weekend away, how do you do it? Hold on tight: here comes the instruction manual. Surf to one of the bungalow or recreation parks in Twente. Pick a nice little cottage for a weekend, midweek or week. Click on book. It wasn't that terribly complicated, was it? They love it in Twente. Don't be difficult when it can be easy.

Rent a house in Twente

The green surroundings of Twente are perfect for beautiful cycling and hiking. After such an active trip you will be ready for a good night's sleep, so that the next day you can admire even more of Twente's forests, heaths and farmlands. Renting a cottage in Twente is then the right choice.

Droste's Boerderijlodges
Droste's Boerderijlodges

Droste's farm lodges](location://28146 "Droste's farm lodges") are hip, architectural studios located in former farm stables. You can choose from lots of different options. For example, choose Erve 't Vrielinck with your pet or enjoy yourself in the farm lodge De Bölte. The former farm is located near the popular town of Denekamp. Also natuurgebied het Lutterzand is nearby.

Vacation home in Twente

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle? Then Twente is the place to be. Book a beautiful vacation home in Twente, possibly with wellness options and let the relaxing begin!

![Erfgoed Bossem]](

When staying at Erfgoed Bossem the owners hope that you relax enough during your stay so that you can step back into your daily life refreshed. You can choose at Erfgoed Bossem from the star cube, a lodge tent or a room/suite. Staying in a star cube is a special experience. After all, you can continue to enjoy that beautiful starry sky from your bed.

mWant an unforgettable vacation? Then book one of the Fox Lodges. The lodges can accommodate as many as 12 people and are made exclusively of sustainable and recyclable materials. Moreover, everything in the lodges comes from Twente! There is plenty to do at the park, for example, there is a recreational fishing pond, a tennis court, a restaurant and more.

Vacation home in Ootmarsum

Fairy tales still exist at Boshuis de Spreng! This vacation home in Ootmarsum is built in Saxon style and stands among conifers, hardwoods and heather. Enjoy the sounds of birds waking up in the morning, breakfast in the sun by the veranda and a walk from the front door straight into the Twente countryside. And also nice: for a bite to eat or a drink on the terrace you are in no time in the center of Ootmarsum.

Center of Ootmarsum]](