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Routes in Twente

vOnce you hit the road, you'll never want to do anything else. Luckily we have 6000 km of unique walking routes and 2500 km of cycling routes waiting for you; you'll be busy for a while. Whether you take a short route or a multi-day route, you will always be captivated by Twente's landscape. Choose an existing route, or combine different junctions or selection points and make it your own. Walk, bike, mountain bike or ride straight through the scenic countryside and beautiful nature. Meet people and experience the cosiness of Twente. Prefer to view the routes on your phone? Then download the app "Routemaker" from Irias. Good goan!

It only gets more beautiful

Yet we continue to do our best to make it even more beautiful, by continuously developing the routes. For example, by regularly adding new themes to the network, both short and multi-day. By introducing new theme routes we lead you along the most beautiful places in Twente. You can easily recognize each theme route by its unique symbol and name, both on the arrows and on the panels.

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