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Eateries & bistros at Beuningen

Eateries & bistros at Beuningen

Authentic and cozy eateries and bistros can be found throughout Twente. Slide in quickly for a delicious regional dish. Or how about a daily snack. Do you prefer to take your time in Twente? We understand that. Then choose an extensive menu and be surprised.

Grilling and chilling

Bistro, what exactly is a bistro? A bistro (also written as bistrot) is a simple place to eat, halfway between a restaurant and a café. A cozy place, in other words. A bistro is also called a petit restaurant. In the Netherlands people often speak of an eatery, in Belgium and other countries sometimes of a tavern. And in Twente? In Twente? Here they know what it's all about when it comes to good food. Whether it's called bistro, eatery or restaurant. Here we have love for cooking, and love for the region. For honest and sustainable ingredients. We take our time for you, so come chill and grill. In Twente you can find plenty of nice places where the tastiest dishes are prepared.

Often made with fresh products, from their own region. What more could you ask for? A good piece of honest meat from the charcoal grill, good idea. Twente has its own beef: the Twente Black Angus. Deliciously fresh and tender, for the lover. A bistro has a cozy atmosphere and everyone is welcome. Life in the brewery! For a business visit, with a group of friends, the whole family or romantic as a couple. At the Twentse Bierbrouwerij Proeflokaal in Hengelo, they totally get it. Here they also brew their own beer, no less than 8 varieties! No complicated menu and no complicated prices.