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Family restaurants

Family restaurants in Twente

Eating out with children is quite a task. Fortunately, we have the smartphone on hand as entertainment but cozy is different. After all, when you eat out, you want the whole family to have fun. That's why we set out to find restaurants that are suitable for both young and old!

as long as the kids are having fun

While you are enjoying a tender fried steak, your child starts going "I'm bored!". That's why it's nice to be in a place where kids can play while mom and dad are eating. Of course with a good children's menu and a surprising menu for you. For years, Sam Sam in Enschede has been known as one of the most child-friendly restaurants. When your mini is finished eating, he can join the waiters in the kitchen. There he gets a real chef's hat on and decorates his own ice cream. A guaranteed success. Also fun is that you can book a children's high tea at Sam Sam. Family restaurant De Troubadour is also a great place to be: In addition to a large outdoor playground, there is a also a giant indoor playground with a climbing wall and even two slides. Also check out the activities you can do at family restaurant De Troubadour. In addition, there are many pancake restaurants where every parent and child will have a great time. First eat delicious pancakes with everything you want in them. Then play outside in the playground. For example at Watermolen Bels in Mander. In the summer, chickens even walk on the terrace here!