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Grolsch Brewery Tour

Whether it is about the regular beer bottle, the swing-top bottle, the commercials or the characteristic pilsner-taste, for nearly four centuries, Grolsch has had its own, independent take on beer.

Want to discover all about it? Then make a visit to the brewery of Grolsch for the Grolsch Brewery Tour.

The Grolsch Brewery Tour is a personal excursion of the beer brewery with the help of a professional guide. You get to see, smell ánd taste all the aspects of brewing beer. You’ll discover all about Grolsch; the rich history, the craftsmanship of then and now, the brewing and bottling of beer and the characteristic commercials.

Of course an excursion wouldn’t be complete without actually tasting the delicious Grolsch beers in one of the cozy Grolsch cafés. It offers something for everyone, after all, each person has his own way of enjoying a beer.

So if you are looking for an interesting and jovial trip, visit the Grolsch Brewery Tour.