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Museum TwentseWelle

Museum TwentseWelle tells the story of man in the region of Twente starting in the Ice Age to the present day.

Nature, hunting, gathering food, agriculture, the development from land to city, the industrial revolution, labour, innovation, technique and society are the major subjects in this journey through time.

Using these themes as a guide the ‘Big Story’ shows how mankind en nature develop an interaction between one another. Essentially, the TwentseWelle shows a development that took place all over the Netherlands and beyond its borders. In essence it is a universal story, but with Twente as an example.

The large collection of natural- and cultural historical objects illustrate the Big Story and are displayed in an open depot, one of the largest showcases in Europe. With the help of (inter-)active presentations the Big Story is placed into context. Several different dioramas establish a link with global themes such as water, identity and religion. In addition the museum houses several annual exhibitions with various (international) themes.