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Open Air Museum Ootmarsum

Exploring the ancient region Twente of noble citizens and farmers Lying directly on the outskirts of the centre of the town of Ootmarsum in the community of Dinkelland in the Region Twente, you will find the Open Air Museum Ootmarsum.

In this park you will discover the scenery of ancient Twente of more than one hundred years ago. You will also experience how the farmers lived and how the region was administered and governed at that time in the Netherlands.

In 16 authentic buildings, typical for this region, the story is told of how farmers lived in times gone by. A visit to the Open Air Museum Ootmarsum is a relaxing and instructive voyage of discovery through a still almost tangible past, a voyage through the past of the Twente landscape and culture. Back to the times that golden rye could be seen in the fields and the times that farmers lost some of their heritage rights. At that time there was a strong element of “Noaberschop” –neighbourliness- and lots of traditions and good craftmanship.

Your visit

On your discovery-tour you will see typical Twente Farmhouses, sheds, stables, a sheepfold, smithy, etc., with all their original inventory and agricultural machinery for cultivating the land. During the visit to the administrative part you will find three exhibitions. In the building “Het Eppink” you will find an exhibition of the personal belongings of the Hofmeier Van Beverforde, who was the Administrator of the Bishop of the Dutch Catholic Church. He managed 130 farms in this Region. The Teutonic Order had a castle on site of the museum until 1800. The last building that has survived from these ancient times is the “The little watermill house”. The waterwheel in the stream “The Molenbeek” drove the mill which ground grain. In this house you can see an exhibition of the former inhabitants of the noble house of the Teutonic Order. In the centre of the town of Ootmarsum you also can visit an associated museum : ‘Het Drostenhuis”. It was the residence of the former bailiff of this region.

The entrance to the museum is on the “Commanderieplein” next to the Othmar Brewery, the “Brasserie Oatmössche” and close to the large car park (free) named ‘Stadsweide’.

We hope that this interesting museum tour, easy parking and afterwards a coffee or a beer in the restaurant, all contribute to making your visit to Twente a pleasant experience !