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Natural areas

You can relax just fine in the Twente countryside. Twente estate of the Netherlands, where relaxing is still possible. Endless gazing over the rolling landscape and tasting the delicious regional products. Lovers of a rural atmosphere are absolutely in their element in Twente. The unspoiled nature with its forests and meadows surrounded by hedgerows is perfect for hiking and cycling. And those who want to view the region from the water can do so by renting a canoe or electric boat.

No, it doesn't sound sexy huh. Saying that you want to explore the nature areas Twente because you know that the nature in Twente is beautiful. That you do want to take walks through Twente's beautiful natural areas. Sexy or not, nature in Twente is perfect for a midweek or weekend getaway. And not hanging around, strolling and lazing around, but really getting out there. Taking brisk walks. You'll find that this gives you energy, just as strolling will tire you out sooner than a brisk walk.

For a brisk bike ride and a brisk walk

Twente has everything for a brisk walk. The nature reserves in Twente are so numerous that it is better to specify what is not actually a nature reserve in Twente. It is the rolling fields, the still really winding country roads, the forests and the multitude of large and also very old trees. It is the perfect stage for a brisk walk. The same is certainly true of Twente's countless estates. Apart from a brisk (day) walk, it also lends itself perfectly to an equally brisk bike ride. And no, not with the electric bike but with the old-fashioned carriage. Getting out and about together with your family gives you new energy. You will notice that. Especially when you walk or cycle through Twente. By the way, running is allowed too!

Twente is just all nature

Oh yes, we can best give you some tips. No problem at all. However, you can also just walk or bike in one direction. Sooner or later you'll end up in the great outdoors in Twente anyway, and it's actually just as beautiful everywhere. However, it is more fun to know where you are and what you see. Nice, for example, is the Tankenberg in Oldenzaal, a phenomenal nature reserve in Twente. The top of the mountain is 85 meters. Not exactly something for the Tour de France perhaps, but what a beautiful view you have from the Tankenberg, say. Don't forget to bring your camera.

Climb the Kuiperberg in Ootmarsum

Beautiful is also Singraven Estate, beautifully situated along the Dinkel. On the estate there are many monumental buildings that are certainly worth seeing. Another mountain in Twente is also well worth climbing if we look at the Kuiperberg in Ootmarsum. Here too a sea of archaeological monuments, burial mounds, small fields and memories of the Iron Age. The Vasserheide? Again the mountain boots are on because you experience an altitude difference of forty meters here. Nice there is also the extensive moorland complex. And do you know where it is also very nice? That's the area along the Almelo-Noordhorn Canal where you have three deciduous forest areas with Achter de Voort, Agelerbroek and Voltherbroek. Also striking is the large amount of calcareous loam you encounter here.

On the paths, down the lanes

When it comes to nature reserves, Twente has much, if not everything. Because apart from the aforementioned nature reserves in Twente, there are hundreds more. In the vicinity of Losser, for example, you have numerous different interesting natural areas such as the nature around Ootmarsum also remains really worthwhile. It all seems exhausting to you huh, cycling, hiking and taking to the lanes and paths. What you don't know now, however, is that Twente gives you energy. You go home reborn, with a completely full tank. Pin us down on that!