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10 tips to discover nature in Twente. How about a Solex ride or Beetle rally.

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With Twente having so much to offer, there’s good reason this most eastern part of Overijssel is often referred to as the country estate of the Netherlands. The beautiful trees, purple heathland, extensive estates, centuries-old farms... nature in Twente is enormously diverse, and there’s a lot to discover. How about a Solex ride or Beetle rally?

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    Cycling through nature

    When it comes to cycling through Twente, you'll picture small country roads through woodland and sprawling estates. Your panniers packed with snacks to enjoy when resting at one of the many picnic tables. However, there are more ways to cycle through Twente. There are multiple beautiful MTB routes, or you can cycle alongside Twente’s waters on a tandem bike.

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    Walking through nature

    Go on a Sunday stroll through the forest? Or wear your hiking boots and book a walking holiday in nature? Regardless of your preference, you can walk as far and as long as you like in Twente. The route network in Twente consists of more than 3,000 kilometres of walking paths with walks ranging from five kilometres to 50 kilometres.

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    Canoeing on the water

    Twente’s natural treasures can also be admired from the water. The ideal outing on a nice day that will immediately get you in a holiday mood. In a canoe, you can pass by meadows, woodland, cultivated fields and old farms. You will regularly find yourself eye to eye with a curious cow. Canoes can be rented from several places in Twente.

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    Into nature on horseback

    In terms of adventurous horseback trips, our region has a lot to offer. This is because Twente has an exceptional junction system, linking more than 500 kilometres of marked horseback riding routes. Starting from roughly 50 starting points, you will gallop through the most beautiful parts of Twente, such as Sallandse Heuvelrug.

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    Walking with donkeys

    A walking tour with a donkey through Twente’s countryside is a fun activity for the entire family. As most of us know, donkeys are stubborn animals that demand a lot of patience and discipline to handle. It is an educational and challenging 7.5-kilometre trip through moors, coniferous and deciduous woodland and up the Herikenberg, offering a view of Herike.

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    Straight through Twente seated in the back of a tuk-tuk (ricksha

    Anybody who’s been on holiday in Thailand is undoubtedly familiar with the tuk-tuk, the scooter with seats for two in the back. In Thailand, they’re primarily intended to transport people to their destination. In Twente, a number of innovative entrepreneurs thought it would be a fun and original way for you to enjoy the landscapes in Twente.

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    Discover Twente on the Solex

    A Solex ride is a fun, nostalgic way to traverse Twente’s natural splendour. Seated on one of the fifties’ oh-so-famous mopeds, wearing a long, leather Solex coat and a “Willempie” helmet, you will chug along the route set out for you through Twente’s beautiful bocage landscape.

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    Kick-scooter routes through Twente

    Riding a kick scooter takes us back to our childhood. Discovering Twente’s landscape while riding a kick scooter is a fun and original way to go for a day out with the entire family. Kick scooters are a lot faster than bicycles, and upon returning, you really feel like you’ve had a good workout

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    Drive through Twente’s nature on a scooter

    How about blazing through Twente’s nature on an Italian scooter? The wind rushing through your hair (because you don’t have to wear a helmet), while you tour the most beautiful parts of Twente’s landscape. The scooter tours can be easily combined with other activities, such as a barbecue, painting in nature or a visit to a real castle.

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    Driving on Twente’s country roads

    Another way to discover Twente’s country roads is to take part in a real rally in a Volkswagen Beetle convertible. At Keverevents, you can take part in an afternoon rally with friends, family or colleagues, followed by an enjoyable barbecue together. Or spend the entire day racing against each other and having a delightful afternoon picnic in one of Twente’s many tranquil picnic areas.

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