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The Rutbeek recreational park

Whether it’s summer or winter, you’re young or old, want to swim, hike, cycle or have a barbeque, recreational park ‘het Rutbeek’ offers activities or relaxation in as many options as there are people.

Originally ‘het Rutbeek’ was a quarry for sand. When this site was depleted it was transformed into a diverse area of 120 hectares with woodland, water with beaches and sunbathing grasslands, meadows and recreational facilities.

Recreational park het Rutbeek offers several activities throughout the year, catered to all ages, like scuba diving, fly boarding, cycling, canoeing, sailing, bouldering, mountain biking, paintball, ice skating, skiing, surfing, kites, hiking, water-skiing/wakeboarding, swimming and several playgrounds for children.

A number of organizations set up several events at het Rutbeek, like dance festivals or large sport activities. Of course it is also possible to organize an event of your own like a business day for your company, a sport-and-play day, a fair or a familyparty on the pastoral site.