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Conviviality knows no time

With a group

Spending time with friends and family, is that so important to you too? But are you also not looking forward to inviting that whole group to your home every time? Just come to Twente together. Sleeping together among the Tukkers, that experience alone is enough material for a group discussion. But with that group in Twente you're not just going to talk, you're going to have fun together and make new valuable memories. And Twente lends itself perfectly to that.

Go for the group feeling

If you choose to stay overnight in Twente with the whole group, you have several options. You can of course choose an accommodation where you and your partner can enjoy the luxurious hotel room and a romantic dinner. But wait, where does that leave that group feeling? Just let go of that romance and go for fun and togetherness and choose a nice [group accommodation](locationgroup://33315 """). Don't worry about those two people in the group who don't like each other very much, there are so many distractions in a group accommodation that they really won't be on each other's lips all day.

Enjoy the fun

There is also a lot to do in Twente. In fact, this region has more to offer than nice towns and villages. Although part of the group may like to stroll through the nice shopping streets to score new acquisitions. Now do you panic and think, "Oh no, don't store here too. Not to worry, if you're in Twente with a group, there are plenty of fellow shopping victims who would rather dive into one of the many cozy outdoor cafes with you.

Group activities in Twente

But of course you can also plan fun group activities in Twente. Execute them, make them laugh, engage in team building or choose a group activity that strengthens that very togetherness. The wonderful entourage at the beautiful locations in Twente where some group activities are held will get most group members excited right away. Maybe they will curse you later that day because they were scared to death while abseiling from the castle or during that canoe trip, but they have experienced something! And they won't soon forget it.

Outdoor activities

Precisely because of this beautiful nature, there are many active outdoor group activities in Twente. But hey, being outside is healthy. Twente is already a place where time for yourself is highly valued, and if you can then also release your adrenaline and energy here, then it's doubly enjoyable. Of course, grandpa and grandma don't have to go out on the water with a supplank if they don't want to, but they might enjoy a ride in a unique vintage car through the Twente countryside. There are so many options for group activities here, from sporty to educational.

Team building can also be fun

Of course, it could also be that you don't know the people in the group very well at all. That your boss has come up with the strange idea of team building in Twente. During an outing you suddenly find yourself stuck with people whose daily conversations at the coffee machine are already boring. Yet a group outing to Twente can change everything. Having fun together, being active and working together are an excellent combination to talk about for weeks to come at the same coffee machine. And you might even turn out to have very nice colleagues.

For all ages

Go track cycling together near Hengelo or experience an authentic Twente farming experience together. Play a game of foot golf or drink a beer together in the Twente beer brewery. The many outdoor as well as indoor options in Twente ensure that there is always something for the whole group and for all ages to enjoy. Even for that one contrary person in the group who never gets enthusiastic about the ideas put forward. In Twente, everyone can do what he or she likes.

Exciting stories

Take your time, with each other, for each other but also for yourself. If you've just spent three hours with four of your sister's squawking little children, you also love to take a walk or bike ride across that Sallandse Heuvelrug. Be enchanted by the Twente sagas and maybe that chatty friend of your best friend will finally shut up when she hears about the Witte Wieven. The stories about Huttenkloas, Old Minneke or the Hellhound can also silence many a blowhard.

Optimally enjoy being together

Twente has highlights, a rich history and wonderful nature reserves. But above all, Twente has opportunities to do things you enjoy. This is precisely why enjoying Twente with a group in Twente is so much fun. Being together, but each enjoying how life is really meant to be!