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We all greatly look forward to summer vacation. A little rest, enjoying the sun and fine vacations. But not only for summer vacations Twente is an ideal destination, for all school vacations in all seasons there are plenty of activities for children. We're not going to capitalize on your flight embarrassment. But a day trip or vacation in Twente also feels like being abroad. If only because of our language.

Come on put on your gym shoes, put aside your Ipads and get outside with us! Because we have less and less time, children play outside less than they used to. We need to change that because there is nothing like being active in nature. Swimming, at the campsite, or play forest. In Twente are plenty of fun outdoor activities, just for your child or just for you together. Also with bad weather! Here you experience again for a while what life is really about and what matters to your child. And after that time? Eat at the most child-friendly restaurants in Twente.

On vacation at the farm

In Twente you can still find many old farms, often located in the most beautiful places in the region. Often these farms are situated in a free location in the middle of the beautiful nature of Twente. A number of farm owners make clever use of this and offer you the opportunity to experience true Twente farm life on their property. Often these farm campsites are small-scale, creating a friendly atmosphere. Because the campsite is usually located near the Twente farmer's farm, the children can play outside and occasionally take a look at the animals. In Twente more and more stables, barns or parts of farms are becoming vacant, often in the most beautiful spots. Besides relaxing in these lodges, you get a glimpse of life in the countryside. Some of our favorite Twente farm campsites and lodges >