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Typically Twente

Tips from Instagrammer Eelco Roos about Twente nature

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Eelco Roos discovered Instagram quite early on, and started taking pictures for his account Croyable. Eelco and his pictures quickly rose to fame all around the world. He was able to quit his job in IT and focus his attention entirely on his passion for photography. Eelco was very impressed by Twente’s landscape, and posted multiple pictures on his Instagram account. His three tips:

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    “I was very impressed with the heathland where we found ourselves. Those stunning solo trees really did it for me.” Take a rest after a walk over the beautiful heathland of Buurserzand. You can really enjoy the view of the water sitting in the shade. There are picnic tables.

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    Singraven estate

    “The old estate where we were, the art, the books, its age-old history. You could just feel it. The park around it is magnificent and varied. In truth, you can find almost everything there, with the mills around too.” The beautiful Singraven estate is located between Denekamp and Ootmarsum.

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    De Bommelas

    De Bommelas was the last house we visited on day 1. It was starting to get dark, and the colour of the trees was simply magical. I thought this was a truly beautiful part of Twente. Really cool!” De Bommelas is a delightful monument located in Buursezand. De Bommelas was built in 1840 by Gerrit Jan Keizers. .

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Written by Eelco