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Typically Twente

Ten of Twente’s characteristic regional dishes that you simply must try

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We love good food in Twente. Enjoy a luscious meal with honest and tasty regional products. Think of beef derived from cows that have had a good life, have a healthy diet and are exposed to as little stress as possible. Organic vegetables that have been lovingly cared for and have been minimally treated with pesticides. And the Twente wines that have been manufactured at care farms. In Twente, you will find an extensive range of tastings, regional markets and artisanal farms. Will you be heading home with a bag full of Twente delicacies? View our ten winning ideas.

  1. 10

    Asian shiitake mushrooms from Twente

    The shiitake is a mushroom that originates from China and Japan. The mushroom is a much-used ingredient in many Asian cuisines. When in 2007, the Masselink family from Tilligte, was unable to further expand their poultry farm, they switched gears entirely. They decided to start growing shiitake mushrooms. This is how Shiitake Masselink was founded.

  2. 9

    De Koeien van Jelle (Jelle’s cows)

    As a boy, Jelle Hidma’s dream was to become a farmer. In 2014, he radically changed course and made his dream into a reality. He quit his job as a cameraman and bought his first cows, which he let graze on the Op ‘t Oorbeck estate. This is how his company, Koeien van Jelle (Jelle’s Cows), started.

  3. 8

    "White gold" from Bentelo

    On an area of more than four hectares, the tastiest asparagus in Bentelo are cultivated at Asperge Slaghekke. With a great deal of care, the most attractive asparagus are selected and sold fresh in the shops in Bentelo and Enschede. Are you curious what the process of cultivating asparagus is? You can book an excursion at Asperge Slaghekke.

  4. 7

    Flavoursome cheese by Keuper from Hengevelde.

    Creamy farmer’s cheese in many varieties, fresh milk and buttermilk, fresh yoghurt - with and without fruit. Would you like to buy truly delicious dairy products? Take a look in the farm shop of Keuper Kaas. In addition to their own dairy products, they also sell other regional products, such as meat, honey, potatoes and jam.

  5. 6

    All regional products together at the Streekmarkt (Regional Mark

    Although it might be fun to go past all farm shops in the region, it could be quite an exhausting task. This is why, every Saturday of the month, you can visit the Regional Market in Delden. On the idyllic square next to the Old Blasius Church, you will find the regional market, evoking the atmosphere of a little market in a French farmer’s village.

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    Du pain, du vin, de Twente

    Twente is the part of the Netherlands that gets the most sun. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that the region produces real Twente wines. Vineyard Hof van Twente in Bentelo has been producing its own wines since the year 2000. Care receivers assist owners Roelof and Ilse Visscher with the cultivation of grapes, their production into wine, and the sale of their product.

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    Twente mozzarella from Denekamp

    It remains an odd thing; mozzarella from Twente. But once you’ve tried it, you’re sold. The most delicious mozzarella isn’t from Italy, but from Twente! Farmer Alfons milks two buffaloes every day. Gennaro, a true Italian artisan, then uses this buffalo milk to make daily fresh buffalo mozzarella. The buffalo mozzarella of Buffalo Farm Twente can be ordered online

  8. 3

    Blueberry heaven in Vriezenveen

    Fresh blueberries are delicious in yoghurt, in cake, as a topping on your oatmeal pancake or in your salad. From 15 June onwards, you can pick them yourself at the blueberry farm De Greftenhoeve in Vriezenveen. Tired of picking? Take a relaxing break in the shade, while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of home-made blueberry pie.

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    More than 450 flavours of ice cream in Nutter.

    Ice cream made from pure, organic ingredients can be found at Ice-cream Farm Bölte in Nutter. Owner Frans has been making his own ice cream from the regional products of his surrounding neighbours since 1997. Such as the strawberries for the strawberry farm nearby. Furthermore, Frans refuses to add aromatic substances or colouring agents.

  10. 1

    The most beautiful strawberry of De Manderveense Aardbei

    You’ve undoubtedly bought strawberries from the supermarket before. They often barely taste of anything. This won’t happen with the strawberries of De Manderveense Aardbei. From 1 May to September, you can pick your own strawberries, raspberries and brambles on their estate. Full of flavour.

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Written by Nicoline