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The most beautiful picnic locations in Twente!

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Everybody loves a picnic. Whether you appreciate a more luxurious approach, with a pre-ordered picnic basket, or like to just prepare a few sandwiches and hop on the bike. You don’t need many ingredients for a picnic. All you need is good company, some tasty treats, a beaming sun, and the most important thing, a lovely spot in nature where you can relax without being disturbed. Twente has many of these kind of picnic locations. We have listed a few of Twente’s most appealing picnic locations for you.

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    Have a picnic at Lutterzand and swim in the river Dinkel

    Lutterzand in De Lutte is a special place in Twente. In a beautiful nature reserve, far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, you walk or cycle through pine forest, heathland and yellow sand drifts. The river Dinkel idyllically meanders through here. Lutterzand was chosen as Twente’s most fun picnic spot by our followers in 2015.

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    Have a picnic in the castle garden of the Schuilenberg estate

    The Regge and Dinkel water board has been very active in recent years to make Reggedal into an unblemished nature reserve again. Increasingly, the Regge is returning to its original, meandering shape, and plants and animals are finding their way back to Reggedal. The Schuilenberg estate used to be a castle in the middle of Reggedal

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    Springendal is a beautiful nature reserve by Ootmarsum. Using your imagination, you can easily fancy yourself in the Alps in this rolling landscape. Walk through the woodland, past rippling streams and historical farms to spread out your picnic blanket in the meadows to enjoy the many treats you’ve brought with you

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    Discover the prettiest places in Haaksbergen with a knapsack

    There are beautiful locations to walk, cycle, and of course, have a picnic around Haaksbergen. Buursermeer is an example of one of the idyllic places where you can sit down in the sand surrounding a small, natural lake. Haaksbergerveen (Witte Veen) is the favourite walking place of Instagram celebrity Vincent Croce.

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    Discover castles in Diepenheim with your knapsack

    In Diepenheim, a package has been created for you to set out with a well-filled knapsack There’s a bicycle and raisin bread ready for you at Diepenheim Info. You cycle past agricultural museum Erve Niehof for a tour. The cycle route continues towards the castles Nijenhuis and Weldam, ending at the Effink dairy farm.

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    Have a picnic in Enschede’s parks just like the former textile l

    Twente’s former textile barons built the most beautiful parks in Enschede for the enjoyment of their textile labourers. In this way, the labourers, who had to work hard during the week, could relax on Sunday. Groups of friends and families still abundantly use these parks to relax. The most famous picnic place in Enschede is Volkspark.

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    Sallandse Heuvelrug

    Nature reserve Sallandse Heuvelrug is located between Holten and Nijverdal. Between the woodland and extensive heathland, there are numerous excellent places to enjoy a picnic. From Holterberg, you look out over the nature reserve, and, if the weather’s good, you can even see Rijssen, Holten and Delden.

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Written by Nicoline