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Typically Twente

These nature spots you must see! Tips from Instagrammers Eelco Roos and Vincent Croce

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Sometimes you put two people together and the match turns out to be so good that something special is created. We asked Vincent Croce, a proud Tukker with a passion for nature photography, to take Eelco Roos, photographer and influencer from the Randstad, on a two-day trip through the Twente countryside. Eelco was very impressed with the Twente landscape! These are their favorites.

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    Singraven estate

    Eelco: "The old mansion where we were, the art, the books and antiquity. You could just feel that. The park around it is beautiful and diverse. Actually you can find almost everything with the windmills also nearby."

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    The Bommelas

    Eelco: "The last cottage we were at day 1. It was already getting a little dim and the color of the trees was just magical. I thought that was a really beautiful part of Twente. Very cool!"

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    The Holterberg

    Vincent: "I think this is a beautiful vast nature reserve and one of the most beautiful moors in the Netherlands. You also find a lot of varied forest."

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    The Witte Veen

    Vincent: "This is a beautiful and quiet open area with freely grazing Scottish Highlanders."

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    Vincent: "The best kept secret in the triangle Oldenzaal, De Lutte, Denekamp. This is a hilly farmland on and around the Tankenberg".

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Written by Vincent