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Discover delightful Almelo; the greenest city in Overijssel. Really! If you’re looking for a special place for a weekend break, Almelo is your ideal destination. Distinctive shops, culinary enjoyment, a marina in the centre, excellent art and cultural attractions, and a host of events. Almelo is an interesting blend of old and new, and is lively throughout the year.


Almelo used to be the prospering centre of the Twente textile industry. Countless old buildings have been maintained in memory of that bygone era. Be surprised by all this beauty from times past, like the estate and surroundings of Huize Almelo, Almelo's city museum, weaving museum het Wevershuisje (the Weaver’s Cottage), and the Bolletje bakery museum. Discover the shops, and stay at the Huis van Bewaring hotel (a former prison that has been transformed into a beautiful hotel).

" In Almelo, there’s always something to do."


Discover the various cafés/restaurants in Almelo, where you can enjoy a bite to eat and drinks. Discover Almelo and its broad offering of events, such as the Pleinconcert (square concert), the Almelose Ruiterdagen (equestrian days), the Twentse Lente spring festival, Profronde Almelo and the HobNob Festival. The artistic Media Art Flow Festival, the Atelier- en Theaterroute (art studio and theatre route) and the monthly Kunststappen (art tour) have a lot to offer for those keen on art and culture. By now, Almelo’s calendar is overflowing, with more than 180 events.


Are you a sports enthusiast? Your event might take you to the IISPA, a venue consisting of three sports centres for amateur and high-level sporting events, drawing in athletes and audiences alike. The IISPA is Twente’s largest indoor sports venue. The stadium of local football heroes Heracles Almelo is nearby. It’s also worth visiting for its friendly and sporting atmosphere!

Cycling and hiking in Almelo

You don't know what you are experiencing. On dirt roads, paved trails, in forests, past Huize Almelo. Once you're out and about, you'll never want anything else. Walk or bike through Almelo and discover everything about this water city!