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When you see the big television tower, you know: I'm near Markelo. But you can also hear Markelo. The mewling of the local flock of sheep does not escape you when you dive into the nature reserve.

Hilly Markelo

The Borkeld

Unfortunately, the high broadcast tower is not open to the public. Fortunately, the hills in the rolling surroundings of the village in southern Twente are also quite high, so views are sure to be had. Even better: Markelo has a real mountain of up to forty meters high, with the original name Markelose Berg. And those sheep? They turn out to be Drenthe Heath Sheep. Very sweet and cute. And Drenthe sheep are also welcome at our place. The flock can be found in the nature reserve De Borkeld, just outside the village.

Mölle of Maarkel

In the village itself there is also plenty to see. Be sure to stop in at the mill with its many aliases: Molen van Buursink aka Molen De Hoop aka Mölle van Buursink aka Mölle van Maarkel. Open-air theater the Kösterskoele regularly hosts events and performances. Another highlight in the heart of the village is the Museum Farm. Lovers of old-fashioned costumes, farmer's kitchens and agricultural implements will not want to leave here. If you have seen it all, cross the street and order a coffee or something stronger in the Wapen van Markelo.


Should you get lost among the sheep, samplers and sacks of flour, download the guidebook [Wegwijs in Markelo]( """). And otherwise, just go by the gems.

The best routes in Markelo

Are you in a knot with yourself...aren't you? Well, soon you will be! Because the Twente Cycling Network is a chain of nodes. In Hengelo and its surroundings there are many of them, absolutely worthwhile to cycle through the countryside here. We understand that cycling all the nodes is a bit much, but fortunately you can create your own route. Be creative and enjoy the unique Twente countryside!