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The city centre of the charming city of Delden dates back to 1333. Many buildings have been expertly renovated in recent years. A visit to Twickel castle and its adjoining estate cannot be missed out on if you’re in Delden.


Monuments with historical value are Wendezoele Museum, de Noordmolen (the North Mill), de Houtzaagmolen (sawmill), the Zoutmuseum (salt museum), the Old Blasius Church and the New Blasius Church. Twickel’s gardens are open to the public from April to October. Entering the house is only possible during de Kasteeldagen (the castle days).


Delden also has many interesting shops and galleries that are almost all open daily. It is also home to numerous events, such as the Streekmarkt Twente (Twente’s regional market) every first Saturday of the month, the Cultureel Straatfestival (cultural street festival) in September, the Hemelvaart Fiets4Daagse (four-day cycling event around Ascension Day), the Twentse Brocante Fair (Twente’s bric-a-brac and antiques fair) in June and the Midwinterwandeling (midwinter walk).

Do u want to learn more?

Want to know everything there is to know about Delden’s history? Join a city walking tour through Delden, every Thursday and every first Saturday of the month at 13:30, from May to October. More interested in art? Buy a description of the new Kunststappen art tour from the Tourist Office (VVV) in Delden.


There is a wide range of accommodation options available: hotels, bed & breakfasts, holiday homes, camp sites and RV parks.



On a city walk you will learn all about the history of Delden. Walk past illustrious city gates, old churches, medieval ramparts and narrow streets back to the year 1333. Prefer to wander around in the present day? Then walk the Kunststappen route for a good dose of culture. Even in winter, they want to get out and about in Delden. The Midwinter Walk takes you past all the highlights of the town and Twickel estate. The good news is that you can take the same walk in the summer months, but without Christmas lights and midwinter horns blaring.


It's almost impossible to miss Twickel. Everywhere in town and beyond there are signs pointing to this estate. Then there must be something special to see. A real castle, for example. As a good citizen, you are not allowed to go in there; the doors only open during Castle Days. You have to make do with the castle gardens. Or marry someone of nobility.

Step further

When you've already seen the Museum Farm, the Salt Museum, the North Mill, the Wood Saw Mill, the Old and New Blasius Church, it's time for something different. Walking shoes off, flip-flops on. There is still plenty to do and see. Stroll through the Twentse Brocante Fair, the Cultural Street Festival, the monthly regional market or drop into one of the many stores or galleries. You can rest later at your vacation address in Delden.

Cycling and hiking in Delden

Are you in a knot with yourself...aren't you? Well, soon you will be! Because the Twente Bicycle Network is a chain of nodes. If you connect them together (we don't say "knot them together," that would be really lame) you'll have no less than 2,500 km of cycling opportunities ahead of you, 500 km of which crosses the German border.