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Swimming in the Dinkel at Lutterzand

An absolute highlight in the region in terms of its combination of nature, relaxation and enjoyment. For anyone from Twente, Lutterzand is synonymous with enjoyable outings, paddling in the river Dinkel, and discovering nature. Discover it yourself!

By far the most photographed part is the famous bend in the Dinkel on the west side of this 750-hectare and extremely varied bit of nature. The river snakes through the area, creating beautiful shores and spectacular erosions. One bit at a time, the streaming water is nibbling bits off the bank. This is especially the case when the water is high. Even the oldest and firmest trees eventually perish, drifting off in the current. As a result, the overall picture is always changing, but it is consistently majestic. Nature and the rolling landscape is varied here, and includes pine trees, deciduous trees, junipers, sand drifts and heathland. It is also heaven on earth for a wide range of birds, and the banks of the Dinkel are the domain of the sand martin and the kingfisher.

This part of Twente is featured on almost every cycling map. Two charming catering establishments provide ample opportunity to relax, on their terrace or in the family restaurant. Lutterzand is also home to a rustically-located nature camp site. There are summer houses scattered among the trees. Although many people visit it, this area has always remained an oasis of peace.