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  • 17 - 19 May

An unforgettable weekend at Rutbeek with the best artists!

During Freshtival, there is something going on in every nook and cranny. A voyage of discovery in itself. Discover the cozy chill spots among the trees, the colorful decorations swinging from branch to branch, the campfires on the beach, the refreshing water and all the secret areas - wonder if you can find them. Not to mention the overwhelming stages... Come join us!

Wherever you're standing or on your way to, you'll feast your eyes. From the first minute you're inside. They have the craziest and most exuberant stages: colorful, huge or just tiny and hidden away. So last year you could enter pink churches, feast your eyes on the largest main stages, party on tiny party islands, go wild in secret toilet areas and rave in caravans as if your life depended on it. Add lasers, fire cannons, kilos of confetti and magnificent fireworks and you have the ultimate mix to make your weekend unforgettable.

Freshtival Weekend Enschede 2024

Freshtival Weekend in Enschede in 2024 will take place May 17-19. At this time, there is no further information about this edition. Keep an eye on this page and our socials for more information.



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