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Typically Twente

Tips from Instagrammer and local Vincent Croce about Twente nature

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  • Written by Vincent

Vincent Croce is from Twente, a real Tukker who has lived in Twente for many years. As the most famous nature Instagrammer in the north-eastern Netherlands, he has many favourite spots he likes to photograph. He’s sharing his secret locations in Twente especially for us. His three tips:

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    “I think this is a stunning, huge nature reserve and one of the most beautiful heathlands of the Netherlands. There’s also a lot of varied woodland.”

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    Witte Veen

    “This is a charming and peaceful open area with freely grazing Scottish Highland cattle.” The heathland and woodland of the Witte Veen area is located between Buurse and the German border. In these beautiful surroundings, there are still old Bentheimer sandstone boundary posts from the 18th century.

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    “The best-kept secret in the Oldenzaal-De Lutte-Denekamp triangle. This is a hilly farmland area on and around Tankenberg. With a beautiful little dome at 85 metres height, Tankenberg reaches the highest point in Overijssel. Many cyclists and hikers combine this hill with the Paasberg, Hakenberg and Boerskotten.

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Written by Vincent