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The most beautiful mountain biking trails in the Netherlands!

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With more than 700 km of MTB trails, Twente is a true Eldorado for mountain bikers. The MTB network covers 17 different routes through wooded, hilly landscape, where both beginners and professionals are served perfectly. Eacht trach has a number of challenging singletracks for all levels of sport. For the real adventurer there are technical fail features at various points, artificial obstacles for experienced mountain bikers.

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    MTB route Wierden

    This mountain-bike route has been constructed in the forested area surrounding Wierden. This route consists of fun and technical single tracks that are connected via paved paths. Annefleur Kalvenhaar, a talented Dutch MTB rider, practised for the Dutch Championship, and even the European Championship, right here.

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    MTB route Markelo

    The MTB route in Markelo is a route through Twente’s beautiful, rolling landscape. You'll cycle through forests, past meadows and the water. Regular cycle paths and roads are alternated with exciting single tracks. If you have sufficient energy left after cycling this route, this MTB route connects well with the Rijssen route.

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    MTB route Haaksbergen

    The MTB route in Haaksbergen is a hefty 60 kilometres long. You'll bike along enchanting forest pathways and dirt roads, and there is a specially constructed single track of no less than 12 kilometres. This route even takes you through part of Germany, but first, you cycle past the 350-year-old watermill, De Haarmühle.

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    Cycle around Enschede's former airport

    This 28-kilometre MTB route around Lonneker has been extended with a twelve-kilometre single track crossing the site of Twente’s former airport. Through the forest, you'll cycle past lakes, ditches and old wartime bunkers. The most attractive part of the MTB route in Enschede is the area surrounding the clay holes of Smulders, just behind Lonneker.

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    MTB route South Enschede

    An attractive, technical MTB route has been constructed around Recreation Park Het Rutbeek. This isn’t a very long route, but it consists entirely of 4.5 kilometres of unpaved paths. On the single tracks, you snake between the trees surrounding the lake.

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    MTB routes Oldenzaal

    Oldenzaal’s more than 35-kilometre-long MTB route takes you past the exquisite and diverse landscape surrounding Oldenzaal. En route, you cycle past various natural monuments, such as Haagse Bos and Egheria. Haagse Bos is beautiful throughout the year.

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    MTB route Vasse past watermills and burial mound

    Vasse’s MTB route is a diverse route for mountain bikers who enjoy nature and farmland. You cycle along dirt roads and narrow forest paths, and there’s a five-kilometre single track. The entire route is around 40 kilometres long, and takes you past one of Twente’s most attractive nature reserves: Het Dal van de Mosbeek (Mosbeek Valley).

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    MTB route Delden

    Bike past lofty country estates, rolling acres and meadows, woodland with age-old oaks and heathland? On the 4,000-hectare grounds of Twickel Estate, a 70-kilometre-long route has been mapped out. The route is appropriate for mountain bikers of all levels

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    Purple route Hellendoorn-Nijverdal (18 kilometres)

    If you’re a passionate, technical mountain biker, this route is perfect for you. There are many single tracks past trees and roots that you cycle around in a good flow. But you can take this route even if you’re not experienced. This 18-kilometre-long, varied route takes you along the Sallandse Heuvelrug. From the northern side this time.

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    Blue Route Holten-Nijverdal (30 kilometres)

    Sallandse Heuvelrug is a unique nature reserve in Twente. The largest part consists of silent zones that are not accessible to mountain bikers. Around these silent zones, Stichting Promotie Sallandse Heuvelrug (the Sallandse Heuvelrug promotion foundation) has plotted extraordinarily long routes that allow you to cycle through this amazing area without disturbing the animals that live there.

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