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Art & culture in Twente

Art & culture

There are few areas in the Netherlands where so much attention is paid to art and culture and where old and new blend harmoniously. The most beautiful cultural and historical sites can be found here! Twente is bursting at the seams with historical and cultural spots. If you want to visit an interesting museum, beautiful estate or cozy festival, then Twente is the right place to be. Here are some great cultural tips!

You may not score with it at birthdays, but a weekend or week in search of art and culture in Twente is definitely worthwhile. Twente has much to offer in this respect and it is no shame at all that you want to delve deeper into it. There is nothing corny at all about the museums, music and theater and art and culture in Twente. In any case, it is at least as interesting as a midweek in a bungalow by the pool. Speaking of corny.

Twente culture

Yes, you can feel free to admit that the art and culture of Twente interests you. There is nothing wrong with that. If you want to see with your own eyes all the beauty that Twente has to offer in terms of art and culture, a week is not enough. Without wanting to fall back on clich├ęs, Twente has a lot to offer in terms of art and culture. Also compared to the Randstad. It is no longer a secret that Twente has a lot of talent when it comes to cabaret, for example. It is a great challenge to learn the Twente dialect and you will find the same stars on the Twente stages as you see in the Randstad. Even international stars really know where Twente is. They even particularly like coming here.

Stages and museums

Intimate stages with swoon music, also immediately healing for your relationship Stadsmuseum Almelo, De Museumfabriek, het Palthe Huis in Oldenzaal and of course Rijksmuseum Twenthe. These are just some locations you simply must have visited. Twente is an area that is anything but backward. It offers numerous venues, and that of very intimate, good for relationships too, uncovered venues that Twente is rich in. Music, cabaret, a musical, drama and revue. You experience it all in Twente. You can do it all by bike, so to speak, if you choose a culturally responsible base.

Don't mention your fondness for cultural heritage

Art is something that people in Twente certainly appreciate as well. And yes, even in Twente you have different art movements and there is ample room for modern art, realistic art and abstract art. The galleries are uncountable and every day in every village or town there is something to do, experience and view in the field of art and culture. Also not a good subject for a party is your view and fondness for cultural heritage. Twente also has much to offer in this sense. Because lighting an Easter fire, celebrating a harvest festival and the famous dialect also keep Twente alive. And at the next party, just say you rented a bungalow by a swimming pool during the vacations. That might fit in better with the culture where looking further than your nose is often out of the question.